June 12, 2020

Living in Truth – Transcending Negative Belief Systems

Astrology is one of the tools I use to understand where the wind is blowing in terms of the energy of my life and the universal consciousness. Currently in the US there is increasing unrest among us for several reasons, but mainly lockdown due to Coronavirus and the racial divide of society after the death of George Floyd. While we […]
March 5, 2021
reiki healing treatment

8 Amazing Benefits of Reiki Healing Treatments

Do you know, “What is Reiki and what health advantages Reiki gives you?” Are you mindful of some normal realities about Reiki therapy? If not, then no need to be worried! because here you get a chance to know some surprising benefits of Reiki healing treatments, which help you to understand “why you should consider Reiki healing treatments.” Reiki Healing […]