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Elizabeth Polanco is a gifted healer and licensed holistic esthetician whose passion for herbal medicine and skincare started when she developed eczema on her face in her late 20’s. After many visits to the dermatologist with no real results, she decided to turn to herbal medicine. Deeply motivated to find a cure she began to experiment with raw organic herbal skincare remedies and was able address the root cause of her issue and heal naturally. Intrigued by the results, she felt compelled to get certified in Herbal Studies, became a licensed facial specialist in the state of Florida and has been practicing holistic skincare for over 10 years . She customizes each facial treatment with a holistic approach to nourish and brighten her clients' skin. As an empathic energy worker, she utilizes chakra balancing, crystals, essential oils, and tuning fork sound therapy in her sessions. She is well known for her unique chakra balancing/sound vibration, facial reflexology, herbal poultice and gua sha massage lifting skincare treatments.
Elizabeth’s passion and thirst for knowledge in the healing arts has led her to become certified in complementary energy healing modalities that aim to heal her clients mind, body and soul. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity that lie at the core of her personal beliefs and are incorporated in all healing sessions. She is also a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Vibrational Sound Therapy Energy Worker, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Aura and Celestial Healing Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Akashic Records Practitioner.

Elizabeth also provides Holy Fire Reiki certification training classes throughout the year. She brings a combination of Eastern and Western Reiki teachings to her classes and loves to teach what she believes is a gift to all her students. What is unique about her classes is that she teaches you to learn Holy Fire Reiki by living from the sacred space of your heart. Living from the heart allows Holy Fire Reiki energy to easily flow within the student, allowing the individual to obtain a deeper awareness of their higher self and their oneness and relationship with God. Deep personal transformation and overall feeling of self connected wholeness surely follow.
“The gift of Holy Fire Reiki has infused pure joy in my heart, joy and happiness that is no longer dependent upon any person, situation, event or material thing, only on my relationship with me and my creator. I feel deep gratitude for this gift of healing and feel blessed to share this with all of my students.”




“As a child I was different. I felt and heard subtle energies that others did not see. I had a sense of “Knowing” most did not understand and a deep connection with God and Jesus Christ. This intuitive aspect was both a blessing and a curse growing up as I was overly sensitive to other's feelings. This sensitivity allowed me to be more empathetic towards those who were in need of healing. Once I found my true passion in skincare and Holy Fire Reiki healing I understood that this intuitive aspect had been my strength all along. What I bring to my facials and Reiki sessions is a unique blend of mindfulness and intuitive energy healing that helps my clients achieve Self Connected Wholeness. What does that mean? Self Connected Wholeness means coming into a form of balance and harmony within for health, beauty and longevity. I believe that the body knows how to heal itself and if we learn how to listen to it and support it we can be our own healers. The key is to quiet the mind and get the body “settled” into that relaxed space within your heart. It is in this space that divine energy resides and where the healing magic happens. True beauty lies within the balance of the mind, body and spirit, or as the Chinese call “Shen”. I blend ancient modalities as Energy Medicine, Holy Fire Reiki, acupressure, crystal healing, Herbal Poultice Massage and Gua Sha, with modern treatments such as MLE (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), microneedling and microcurrent, in my skin treatments to enhance transformation of face and heart, body and soul and overall inner balance.”