“The human voice is the organ of the soul”
                     ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Your Voice Reveals A Wholistic Assessment of Your Body

Your voice holds a unique blueprint of the composite frequencies of your human body. The (VAH) Voice Analysis Harmony software, previously known as VoiceBio®, is a state-of-the art VAH assessment tool that captures the frequency of a person’s voice to determine their state of physical and emotional health and wellness.

The VAH system is based on the scientific fact that everything is this universe is vibration and holds a unique frequency. Sound and vibration are the language in which all things communicate.

It is known and respected worldwide as an incredible energetic VAH assessment tool due to its pain-free, non-invasive process, accuracy, speed, reliability, depth of information, and non-reliance on a given practitioner’s personal abilities, opinions and aptitude. The result is a holographic image of your energetic body called a voiceprint. This VAH tool illustrates the frequency patterns of the body which not only identify the ROOT CAUSE of your physical-emotional imbalances, but also which areas need attention due to exhaustion or which areas need stimulation.

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Based on Detailed Research

In the early 1990s, Kae Thompson-Liu, a naturopath and health researcher, was led to the power of sound, frequency and energetic fields through numerous pioneers in energy medicine. After taking a variety of courses in this field, Kae found that none of them gave her the tools, safety and reliability she sought and required.

In frustration, she abandoned these practices and invented her own proprietary system and VAH was born. The VAH system is based on more than 2 decades of research. Over many years of doing voice analyses on people with different issues, patterns of frequencies became apparent. Research has shown that sound acts like vitamins and minerals in our body

. Most people are deficient in specific tones and these are traced in the human voice when recorded. Missing or low frequencies correspond to specific weaknesses in organs and body systems, as well as emotions. Higher frequencies correspond to backup systems and inflammation or infection. We need a certain balance of sound frequencies in order to maintain a healthy state.

The Scientific Basis

Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis, “Every frequency is a nutrient.” All the parts of the body down to the cellular level, including emotions, function at different frequencies. An imbalance in these frequencies can lead to an imbalance in an organ, body system or mental state. The more balanced the energy, the more balanced, efficient and energetic you are.
An imbalance in your body and emotions can happen in many ways:

Irritating Frequencies Growing Up – If you grow up with an irritating frequency (like a critical parent, or a refrigerator or fan) your ear actually turns that frequency down over time. Then when you move out, you now are deficient in that frequency.
Physical Issues or Trauma – People that have undergone physical issues or trauma have blockages in their system that does not allow for the free flow of frequencies throughout their system causing imbalances in their overall health.
Emotional issues or Trauma – Emotional Issues or trauma can create stuck emotions or negative beliefs which can throw off the balance in your system.
Hearing Issues – Simple hearing loss can affect the nutrients that are getting into your body. Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis your voice doesn’t make frequencies that you can’t hear (you can make them, but they don’t naturally come through your voice if you are not hearing them).

The Remedy

The remedy is to play back the missing frequencies into the body to balance it out. It is similar to vitamin therapy – if you are missing a vitamin in the body, you take that vitamin so you have a good balance of all frequencies in the body – so energy can then flow through your whole system.

Toning (singing a vowel at that note) is even more effective than just listening to a song in the key you are missing.

The basic idea is that every issue physically and emotionally is supported by a frequency landscape within your whole system. It doesn’t mean that you actually have a certain issue when that landscape is present, but it could lead to that issue manifesting in your system. Your voice reflects that frequency landscape. By listening to sounds or music and/or toning in a certain key, you break up that frequency landscape and the issue can no longer exist.


The Voice Analysis VAH Assessment

When you schedule your voice analysis test or VAH session you will be instructed not to smoke, eat or drink anything at least one hour before your session to ensure an accurate voiceprint. Without asking for any personal information other than your name and birth date, a voiceprint is taken in under 5 minutes.

At the VAH assessment you will be asked to speak into a microphone while answering 3 questions. Each question engages different parts of the brain allowing for a detailed and complete composite information. As you speak into the microphone the computer analyzes which notes you sing as you speak. Everybody sings when they speak and a healthy person hits all the notes of the scale when they they speak. A person who is dying stays on only one note as they speak because they don’t have enough energy to make to the other notes. The voice analysis software then analyzes the sound of your voice to see what notes are missing, and what notes are too high (sung too much).

This non-invasive energy medicine tool is very useful for people with chronic health problems. The average person is amazed at the breadth and depth of information that is available. A Voiceprint gives you information that can help you understand the ROOT CAUSE of your physical-emotional-energetic imbalances. It allows you to see which areas of your body need support because of exhaustion and which areas need stimulation – the KEY to taking back control of your own energetic health, holistically and expeditiously through appropriate suggestions.

Here is a hypothetical example that illustrates just how an assessment works: As is the case with so many newborns, baby Michael is first introduced to nutrients by way of a sweetened, canned formula. As he gets older, he is fed a diet laden with sugar. He drinks soda pop instead of water, eats candy instead of vegetables, and insists on macaroni and cheese for dinner every evening. The parents wonder why their son has frequent ear infections and suffers from airborne allergies as well as poor concentration in school. But the mystery of the ear infections and poor academic performance can be quickly solved with a 5-minute Voiceprint. This child has been putting undue stress on pancreatic function since the day he was born. Not surprisingly, his voiceprint shows heavy frequency hits in the note of F, the vibration of the pancreas. Not coincidentally, F is also the frequency of the ears. Relieve excess F stress from this child's system through nutritional support and lifestyle changes, and he is likely to enjoy better energetic health overall.

The Treatments Based on Voice Analysis Test in Clermont, FL

The voiceprint reveals any weak or heavy tonal frequencies. Elizabeth will discuss the relationship of your voiceprint to organ systems, glands or emotions.
Based on your voice analysis test you will treated as follows:

  • Following the voice analysis your sound healing session will commence on the InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Vibroacoustic Sound Table. Feel the healing sound frequencies throughout your body while the soothing, therapeutic, Ear Food musical sounds cocoon you as you become one with the sound and vibration. The vibrations from the music permeate throughout the body to a cellular level producing a relaxation response that promotes natural healing process. The musical tone will be in the key of the lowest note in your voice as well as adding corresponding VAT therapy frequencies specific to your voiceprint. The Inner Soul Tranquility Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Table allows you to feel the sound throughout your body as well as producing audible sound which wraps around and cocoons you infusing these frequencies back into your system and bring you back into balance.
  • You will receive information sheets on the two lowest notes in your voiceprint, and we will discuss options to strengthen your deficient frequencies and calm the over-stressed ones. Suggestions of appropriate nutrition and herbs, lifestyle changes, toning and crystals to correct any imbalances are given after the analysis.
  • You will have the option to receive an Ear Food CD or download in the key of the note that is most missing in order to infuse the deficient note back into your system at home. Ear Food CDs or downloads are nutritional sounds to balance your energy into a state of optimal health. Ideally you listen to the 20-minute CD or download two or three times a day (It is very pleasant to listen to) for 2-3 weeks. It is even more effective if you tone along with the CD (sing any vowel). You can purchase any of the other lower notes in your analysis at our shop as well.
  • We also recommend colors to work with to help restore the balance.
  • If you do a voice analysis after listening and toning to the CD you normally notice a difference in your voice analysis.

  • All sound healing sessions at Au Naturale Spa and Wellness include a VAH assessment. What sets us apart from other sound healers is that we make sure the sound healing medicine you receive is exactly what you need while eliminating the tones that are already in excess in your voice. This makes the VAH tool is so amazingly unique and effective for our clients.
    All of our sound healing sessions include VAH assessments. For more information on details and pricing click here.

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