Health concerns don’t often come from a single source. Addressing a client’s issues whether antiaging, anxiety, stress or energy and overall wellness, may take a more wholistic approach. This is why we offer the Au Naturale Wellness Packages in Clermont, Florida. These Packages are designed to provide a comprehensive wholistic set of treatments to bring homeostasis back to the body and revitalize the mind and soul.

Sano Wellness Package

Sano in Spanish means “wholesome” and “to heal”. This package is designed to heal and bring you into to a state of self-connected wholeness – a state where you come into a form of balance and harmony within for health, beauty, and longevity.
Sano Wellness Package Includes:

  • Organic Signature Facial 60 min
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Healing Treatment 60 min
  • VAH assessment including Vibroacoustic Therapy 30 min
  • CD or download to take home of your lowest note

  • 2 hrs 30 min $210
    Package of 3 - $615

    Divine Attunement Wellness Package

    This ultimate wholistic package experience is for those looking for clarity, cleansing and purification of the mind, body and soul. The session begins with a VAH voiceprint followed by the Holy Fire Sound Healing Experience.

    This synergistic blend of Holy Fire Reiki and Sound Healing is a deeply healing and restorative experience releasing the auric field of any blockages while establishing a deeper connection to the Divine within. The package concludes with an Organic Signature Facial detoxifying and purifying your skin from the inside out resulting in a radiant, glowing skin.
    After both sessions appropriate recommendations will be given to the client to maintain their health at home. This includes a herbs, essential oils, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a CD or download of your lowest note to take home.
    Divine Attunement Wellness Package Includes:

  • Organic Signature Facial 90 min
  • Holy Fire® Reiki Sound Healing Experience w/ VAT Therapy 90 min
  • VAH Assessment (Voice Analysis Harmony) 10 min
  • CD or download to take home of your lowest note

  • 2 hr 40 min $315
    Package of 3 - $900