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What is your AURA?

Everyone and everything has its own aura. Your aura consists of an electromagnetic field that vibrates at different frequencies that reflect the state of your mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Each color has a different vibrational frequency and chakra associated with it. Your aura color determines your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being.
Your aura is essentially your personal energy field. When it is strong it protects you from harmful outside influences and keeps your physical body in a healthy condition. This can be determined by checking the health of your chakras. Any blockages in your chakras or energy centers can compromise your aura and therefore compromise your overall wellbeing.

Information is Power

It’s no secret that the better you understand something, the better you’ll succeed at it--whether it’s business, relationships, finances, sports, or whatever life throws at you.
That’s why, for a richly rewarding, well-balanced life, there is nothing more important than understanding YOURSELF.
We here at Au Naturale Spa and Wellness we are committed to helping you do exactly that by offering the latest technology and services in Biofeedback Therapy, Chakra analysis, Aura Packages, and Aura balancing in Clermont, FL.

Aura Cloud 3D®

That’s why we proudly offer the Aura Cloud 3D® in our business--a revolutionary tool that provides you with stunningly accurate information about your mental, physical, and emotional life. This incredible hybrid of ancient knowledge and multi-media technology will forever change the way you see yourself.

You’ll gain tremendous insight into your most basic attributes, needs, thoughts, and desires--arming you with critical information that will allow you to make dramatic improvements in your life faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible.

The Aura Cloud 3D® offers the most cutting-edge technology designed to provide detailed insight into the health of your chakras and aura for overall wellness mind, body and soul. The cutting-edge software measures and displays 3D biofeedback data in real time including Aura balance, color, Chakra strength, power levels, chi-energy levels and much more.

All information is provided in a 15-page report that is easy to read including detailed 3D images and graphs.

We will review your individualized aura report and determine your treatments and product recommendations based on what you need energetically. Au Naturale Spa and Wellness’s state of the art Aura Imaging System provides Aura cloud 3d in Clermont, FL, with the most innovative solutions for holistic health by giving you in depth energetic information to help guide you towards the best alternative healing methods for you.

How does the Aura Imaging System work?

Biofeedback Reading - A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Place your hand on the Zensen sensor and relax!

Image Displays on Screen - Watch as stunning 3D aura imaging software displays aura and chakra results simultaneously on screen. A full detailed 15-page report of your energetic blueprint is displayed including 3D full body aura images, graphs and charts.

Your Personal Aura Biofeedback Therapy Chakra Analysis Report - The customized full report is yours to take home.

Data Translation - Each aura image is a personalized representation of the individual’s energy or electromagnetic field. It portrays their emotional energy, personality type, and overall wellness statistics.

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Divine Attunement Facial
If receiving with a spa service be sure to arrive early for Chakra Analysis and Review. The Aura Headshot print will be provided in person however all other imaging in the full reports will sent via email including the full body aura chakra print.

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