Sound and frequency have been successfully used as healing modalities by many ancient civilizations. Even today many cultures recognize music and sound as a healing power. The Bible tells us that before creation existed there was God’s word. In essence God’s breath, His perfect Divine sound, first created light and all of creation.

By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host.
                                         ~ Psalm 33.6

Ancient Egyptians knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers/chakras and endocrine system for balancing the body. There is a direct correlation between specific sounds and different areas of your physical body.

Recent scientific developments in Quantum Physics show that everything in the universe is made of energy and holds a specific frequency. This is also true of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Science has proven that the human body is a dynamic energy system creating a symphony of vibrations that work together to create a harmonic balance within our cells, organs, and tissues. When disease is present it simply means we out of balance internally. Sound Healing releases Nitric Oxide into the cellular membrane which stimulates blood vessels, muscles, and cells to relax.

Among the many benefits of Nitric Oxide are increasing oxygenation in blood, supporting a healthy inflammation and immune response, supports cognitive function and nutrient absorption and reduces fatigue. Targeted sounds and frequencies can reset the body and bring it back into its natural harmonic resonant state for optimal wellness, peace, and joy.

Our private and group Holy Fire Reiki sound healing experiences are offered as an opportunity to rest, restore, heal, and connect with our core, that which is most closely connected to the Divine. More than just a sound bath, these immersive Holy Fire Reiki meditation sound healing experiences holistically bring to balance your entire Being by naturally inducing alpha and theta states, calming the mind, and taking you to higher levels of consciousness. The harmonic melodies of the Quartz Crystal singing bowls melt away stress and tension while releasing unwanted patterns of worry, nervousness, fear, and pain.

In my sessions I use The Wisdom Light® Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls and Singing Crystal Pyramids which use the purest American Quartz available. As the bowls are made of Quartz crystal each sound resonates though your entire body creating an extremely dynamic level of harmonic response. Digital technology shows us that quartz amplifies, transforms, stores and transfers energy therefore this is also true when working with crystal singing bowls and the body. Included in my set are Solfeggio Frequency crystal bowls which hold powerful tones to remove physical and emotional pain, rapidly heal and regenerate tissues, and undo negative situations to bring about change and transformation. Tibetan singing bowls and chimes are also used to create a synergistic healing effect.

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