reiki healing treatment
8 Amazing Benefits of Reiki Healing Treatments
March 5, 2021
reiki healing treatment
8 Amazing Benefits of Reiki Healing Treatments
March 5, 2021
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Living in Truth – Transcending Negative Belief Systems

Astrology is one of the tools I use to understand where the wind is blowing in terms of the energy of my life and the universal consciousness. Currently in the US there is increasing unrest among us for several reasons, but mainly lockdown due to Coronavirus and the racial divide of society after the death of George Floyd. While we are all doing our best to process our emotions during these recent stressful events here’s food for thought. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was during the Rodney King Riots. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution. Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell. We currently have all 3 right now! What I know for certain is that change is in the air.

There is a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius occurring Friday June 5th with 2 more eclipses to follow on June 21st and July 4th. This is a rare event to have 3 following each other back to back. Eclipses usually demand change on a personal and societal level. They also enlighten us with a floodgate of truth, so that we can all see what we had been blind to see. This leads to a question that I have always begged to ask myself: What is my truth? In today’s world of fake news, it’s becoming harder to distinguish what is real so how can we distinguish what is real in our own lives? Are my beliefs really mine or have I adopted them from my family, friends and society? Society meaning the mainstream media, social media and education system. While we can adopt negative behaviors from others can we also adopt their positive behaviors? Can the heavens be giving us an opportunity to be truly honest with ourselves and heal, not only on a personal level but also as a collective?

As a person who is on a never-ending journey towards spiritual ascension, I always ask myself these questions in order to expand my awareness. Am I speaking the truth or am I convincing myself of a certain reality for my convenience? When I first started my journey, I was amazed at how I convinced myself into believing things to validate my behavior and explain the negative things in my life. My explanation of why I wasn’t successful or why my relationships didn’t work was to blame someone else. In hindsight I always reverted to the victim mentality. How much do you do this? Look for the subtle ways not the obvious ones.

How to Overcome Negative Beliefs

Slowly after examining your behavior you will see the cause and effect work much clearer than you previously thought, and you are, in fact, creating those negative experiences in your life in some form or another. This can be a tough pill to swallow. Barbara Brennan is a physicist turned world renowned healer who explained this so clearly. She states, “Underneath these painful creations you will find an intention to actually decide to live your life this way. This is called “negative intent””. My negative intent was based on 2 things: one was the belief that life is basically hard and another that I enjoyed negative experiences. You may be thinking how could you enjoy negative experiences? Stay with me here I will explain in a moment. We each have beliefs systems that are personal and specific for each of us.

What are your negative belief systems? A general exercise is to fill in the following sentences. “All men are ______. All women are _____. Hispanics are _________. White people are ______. Americans are ______. Europeans are ______. Muslims are ____. In a relationship I will be hurt the following ways_________. Maybe I will get sick and die of _____________. I cannot aspire for this job because I am ________.” No matter how much you have worked on yourself you will always benefit from this exercise because we all have these patterns. Everyone does this at some level of their personality.

In her book Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan states, “Negative pleasure is distorted natural or positive pleasure. Negative pleasure is based on separation. Positive pleasure is based on unity. It does not in any way separate you from others. Positive pleasure comes from your center or core. It flows from deep within and seeks to create. It flows with movement and energy which are pleasurable. Negative pleasure is created when the original creative impulse flowing with movement and energy from the core gets distorted or twisted and partially blocked in some way. This happens through early childhood experiences which are crystallized in our personalities.”

Transform and Transcend ‘Negative Belief’

Let’s look at an example of mine. As a teenager and young adult, I used to blame my mother for my unhappiness. She ran my household with an iron fist. In many ways she blocked my creativity by telling me how I should be. I had to get straight A’s, had to go to college, graduate and become a lawyer, doctor or have a corporate job. Coming from a Dominican background I have very curly hair. My mom would want me to straighten it out as to not look to “nappy”. I had to wear certain clothes to look “respectable”. She absolutely hated when I was in the baggy phase in my teenage years. I was shunned when I discussed spirituality in any other terms aside from Catholicism. I was being groomed to be, what in her eyes, was the perfect Hispanic posterchild. She was grooming me to be what she thought of as “perfect” but not the true version of who I am. Although she had good intentions, she was also blocking me from living my truth.

I was being constantly told who I should be instead of letting me be who I truly am. When this happens our life force cannot flow properly. We opt to go for negative pleasure because even if its negative it is still connected to a life impulse. By blaming someone else you have the pleasure of being the “good one” while they are the “bad ones”. I felt pleasure in blaming my mom for my shortcomings because I had the secondary gain of explaining to others why I wasn’t succeeding.

The Belief System of a High Vibrational Person

Every time you distort your pleasure impulse and do not allow your authentic self to be expressed you die a small death. The solution and purification process is then to “resurrect ourselves from each of those small deaths and to regain the full flowing pleasure of energy, movement and consciousness which enhances our creative force.”

The biggest force in my life that has made me take a hard look at myself, my belief systems and how I have created certain circumstances in my life, has been the practice of Holy Fire Reiki. Reiki helped me dig deep within (and I mean DEEP!) and realized how my own self-limiting beliefs and inherited generational trauma has been unconsciously creating dramas in my life. By being extremely honest with myself, rooting out the faulty belief systems and misconceptions on which my actions were based, I was able to completely break the cycle and change my perspective of reality. I realized that the limitations I imposed on myself were self-sabotaging. No longer was I placing labels on myself. I am not merely a Dominican, American or Hispanic. I am Divine energetic light being that is infinitely connected to Universal Life Force Energy from which all life springs forth. You can call this Universal Life Force God, Source or whatever it is you believe in.

Perception creates your reality. Awareness of your perceptions and how your actions are being influenced is key to becoming the creator of your reality. It is the key to sparking change that can turn things around in your life for the positive. And just like that my old problems began to clear away. The universe changed to an abundant place where anything is possible. By healing my heart, forgiving my mother, and healing my ancestral and generational traumas, I cleared the path for a new version of myself to emerge, my true authentic self. I exchanged resentment and hatred for love, compassion and understanding. I am now creating my life and reality with purpose. I am living my truth.

Authentic living means creating with purpose. When we create from the heart, we emit ripples of energetic waves into the collective consciousness that affect our everyday lives, events and reality. By holding the energy of unity consciousness or Christ consciousness in your heart with everything you create, you are essentially releasing this energy into the world. This individual energetic signal from each of us to the universe is the collectively surge needed to bring forth peaceful co-habitation of humanity. Unconditional Love is not only an emotion, but the only energy with the frequency powerful enough to change the world. How do we re-direct this eclipse energy for the greater good? It all starts you. Be the change you want to see in the world. Much love to all of you.