Au Naturale Spa & Wellness is one of the best Spas in Clermont, FL, and a premier skincare and Reiki healing services provider. Our spa is where mindful beauty and energy healing provide natural rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. If you are searching for Holistic Facials, Reiki Healing, or Sound Healing, then AU NATURALE SPA AND WELLNESS is the perfect option. We also offer a wide range of wellness products to assist you on your healing journey, including organic skincare, herbs, natural supplements, vitamins, Reiki-infused crystals, EMF protection devices, and air purifiers.

Au Naturale Spa & Wellness is the best day spa in Lake County and is committed to clients' overall safety and wellness. Our clients can rest assured that each visit is worth knowing that we use ActivePure NASA technology in the spa to keep them safe. ActivePure is the only FDA-cleared device technology that proactively eliminates bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, including the flu, the common cold, and the virus that causes COVID-19. ActivePure works continuously to eliminate dangerous pathogens better and faster than any other technology.

“Beauty before me, Beauty behind me, Beauty on my left, Beauty on my right, Beauty above me, Beauty is Love. Love is God.”
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Best Spa in Clermont, FL


We specialize in Reiki Spa Services, Reiki Classes, & Natural Rejuvenation Skincare Services in Clermont, FL.


  • Malaya Scott
    I have been going to Elizabeth for two years now and words cannot explain how. much of a difference her services have made in my life.
    Malaya Scott
    Home Goods | Assistant Manager


Self-connected wholeness means finding balance and harmony in health, beauty, and longevity. The body knows how to heal itself, and if we learn to listen to and support it, we can be our healers. Quiet the mind and get the body "settled."
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We blend modern treatments, such as microneedling and Microcurrent facials to enhance the transformation of face and heart, body and soul, and overall well-being and inner balance. Our products join past and future, nature and science, combining formulas that include organic herbs, concentrates, and essential oils with a modern technological approach, such as BIO, NANO, and stem cell technology.

Our Natural Rejuvenation System is a unique blend of massage, Acupressure, Biodynamic Craniosacral, and Natural Rejuvenation Techniques that combine to create a gentle, productive session unique to each individual.

The transformational face-lift massage works with the vitality within the facial structures and elasticity and tone in the layers of connective tissue. It supports the body in increasing the underlying health expressed through Chi Flow, Lymph Flow, Blood Circulation, Balanced cranial rhythmic impulse in fluid, membrane, and bone, and Connective tissue flexibility and integrity. Reiki Skincare Treatments are a holistic amalgam of science and spirituality and are considered one of Clermont's best skin care modalities.

This profoundly relaxing work helps the nervous system shift. The body needs a perfect balance of yin and yang energy for optimal health. The whole nervous system is gently regulated through a conscious, intuitive touch to the facial structures.

Natural facial rejuvenation also restores the nervous system's balance, affecting chi and overall meridian balance. Working with specific acupressure points helps renew health in organs, meridians, and psycho-emotional well-being, restoring balance in the body as a whole. Through conscious, focused touch, we get the chi flowing in areas where there is stagnation or weakness and thus activate a natural full-body self-regulatory impulse.

Balancing the nervous system and the chi creates a self-rejuvenating opportunity. We are the best spa in Florida, and following our signature facials makes our clients feel and look better. What begins as a natural "face-lift" becomes life, energy, and spirit.


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Tina L. Alternative Healing Tina L. Alternative Healing Liz was excellent. She made me feel relaxed in my first reiki chakra session. She knew what was going on with me after my treatment and gave detailed insights and notes. It was a great overall experience at Au Naturale Spa in Clermont, and I will see her again for continued touch healing.
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